NSW Police/Facebook

Aussie caught trying to transport trampoline on the roof of their car

funny shit 09/12/2019

New South Wales police have shared an absolute stunner of a picture, capturing a driver trying to transport a massive TRAMPOLINE on top of their car.

While funny on its own, it probably wouldn't be too good if you were driving the other way.

The Aussie police shared the photo to the Traffic And Highway Patrol Command Facebook page over the weekend, captioned "Loadfail."

The photo has since racked up thousands of comments with everyone pretty much on the same page.

One person said: "The cops would have jumped all over this and bounced the driver for sure."

Another added: "I am not mad, I am actually impressed."

Someone else said "I mean... props to them for getting it to stay on there." To be fair, it is pretty impressive.

Another punter can relate to the situation, recalling "the pain of having to take that thing apart," adding "he should be let go on that point."

One commented summed it up pretty perfectly.

"Just when you think you've seen the dumbest thing ever... someone tops it,"

Stay safe on the roads team - and remember, always deconstruct the trampoline.