LOTR TV series searching for "weird looking" people to play orcs

funny shit 18/12/2019

Finally, something I can say I have 20+ years experience in...

Casting agents for the upcoming Lord Of The Rings TV series are on the hunt for people who are short of teeth, have wrinkly skin, and/or have unusual amounts of body hair to play the role of orcs and goblins.

If that sounds like you, you could be headed for stardom as the Auckland-based casting crew put the feelers out.

In a post on their Facebook page, they are looking for...

  • Short people under 4 foot 12
  • Tall people over 6 foot 5
  • Character faces, wrinkles and lots of them please :-)
  • Androgynous men and women
  • Hairy hairy people of all ages and ethnicities
  • Tall, Long Lithe dancers
  • Circus performers who can juggle, stilt walk!
  • Stocky mean-looking bikers
  • Eurasian people of all ages.
  • Hispanic - Latino, Mexican, South American - HOLA
  • Red heads all ages, shapes and sizes.
  • HAIR HAIR HAIR - if you natural red hair, white hair, or lots and lots of freckles.

Head to the BGT website for more info and to apply if you fortunately - or unfortunately - meet the criteria!