Aussie man faces court on charge of being ‘criminally annoying’

funny shit 03/02/2020

We all have that one mate that just doesn’t know how to give it a rest sometimes - and god damn do we wish they would be the one being punished for a change. 

In a strange turn of events, a man in Aussie was literally sent to court for just that - being ‘criminally annoying’, and even the magistrate was confused. 

25-year-old Brady Leigh Macpherson was arrested by police over claims he verbally assaulted a woman in Hobart's CBD in Tasmania. 

Brady was accused of repeatedly calling the woman a 'f***head' on Elizabeth St. And while it might sound like a pretty bizarre reason to end up in court, it's definitely against the rules in Tassie.

The Police Offences Act 1935 has a little stipulation in there that forbids people from jostling, insulting, or annoying another person. So you could probably say that yelling at a random person on the street would make you eligible to be charged. 

Even the magistrate presiding over the case 'hadn't heard' of the charge before when Macpherson fronted court though, so it’s obviously not a common scenario that ends up in court. 

Macpherson is also facing charges of contravening the conditions of a notice and cannabis possession on top of generally being annoying. He's been granted bail and will appear in court next month.

But this Police Offences Act 1935 has quite a few different clauses in it which could lead to a lot of people getting arrested in Tasmania, so if you’re ever over for a visit, be warned: 

You're not allowed to, in any public place, or within the hearing of any person in that place: (a) curse or swear; (b) sing any profane or obscene song; (c) use any profane, indecent, obscene, offensive, or blasphemous language; or (d) use any threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour calculated to provoke a breach of the peace or whereby a breach of the peace may be occasioned.

Yikes, sounds like most of us could be getting locked up if we were unlucky enough to be caught.