Aussie thief uses fishing rod to steal $800 necklace from Melbourne jeweller

funny shit 07/03/2020

A rather crafty thief has been caught on CCTV using a fishing rod to carefully nick an $800 necklace directly from a mannequin’s neck while the store was closed. 

The footage was taken in Melbourne at a Le Style boutique store, with Victoria Police releasing a statement saying:

"Security footage shows a man using a fishing rod to remove a Versace necklace from a mannequin within the store just after 2am. Investigators have released images and CCTV footage of a man who they believe may be able to assist with their enquiries,”

"The man is described as Caucasian in appearance, about 180cm tall, with short, fair receding hair, aged between 40-50 years,”

You can see the man in action below:

Although the clips make it seem like the thief was pretty efficient, it wasn't a short operation: according to police it took a whole three hours for the man to complete his robbery. 

The man allegedly managed to drill a very small hole in the glass of the store without setting off the alarm, which he was then able to slip the fish rod through and hook the gold Versace Medusa medallion necklace. 

"I couldn't believe it. Three-and-a-half hours, with two rods, trying to get this necklace, was amazing. Hook, line, and sinker, I guess. He did it,” said owner of Le Style boutique Steven Adigrati.

He added that he doubts the thief knew how valuable the item is and is pleading for it to be returned.

"This particular necklace looks a lot more expensive than what it is, so obviously the temptation was there: gold, bright, iconic Medusa head, so that would have been the temptation," he said.