Punter unlocks his phone with severed thumb after cutting it off in circular saw accident

funny shit 03/03/2020

53 year old Yuri Vinogradav has proved the experts wrong by unlocking his smartphone with a severed thumb.

A few months ago, Belarusian Yuri lost his thumb in a circular saw accident, but has kept the thumb in the freezer. After hoping doctors could sew it back on, his age and diabetes meant it wasn't possible.

Naturally, old mate wondered if the missing bit of his thumb could still serve some sort of purpose, like unlocking his phone?

When the thumb was frozen, it didn't work. But once dipped in some warm water the phone unlocks. Magic. 

Check the Daily Mail video above of Yuri's crook thumb. At least if this happens to you, you know there's a bit of hope!