People are just remembering the stuff they left in the office before lockdown and it's grim

music news 18/05/2020

Lockdown kind of made us all drop everything as it was for an indefinite amount of time. Now with life starting to move forward again, we’re starting to get annoyed at our past selves for not being more organised in those days before everything got shut down - like this lady from Glasgow who realised she’d left a banana in her desk nine weeks ago when the Scottish lockdown began.

Mhairi-Louise Brennan said once she remembered the abandoned fruit, she couldn't stop thinking about it, with visions of a 'squidgy, liquid mess surrounded by fruit flies and maggots' haunting her.

The fear became too much for her, so Mhairi-Louise decided to head to the office to investigate the damage, tweeting a video that she’d originally put Gwen Stefani's ‘Hollaback Girl’ over, but deleted for fears of being sued, and wrote: "Just imagine the song 'this s*** is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S' in your head as I dramatically open the drawer, K?"

"The unknown was killing me so I've drove to work to see wit the damage was. I present... a nine-week-old banana."

Thankfully she said there was no smell, and instead of an oozing mess, she was 'shocked' to find the banana had merely shriveled to 'some kind of black crispy cardboard material'. She still gave her desk ‘a good clean’ though. 

A viewer offered up some helpful advice to her, saying: "I've seen this before and cannot emphasise enough. Do not break the skin. DO NOT BREAK THE SKIN." Is it bad that we’re kind of hoping she did for the lols?

She wasn’t the only one with abandoned food from pre-lockdown though, with one user replying with a pic of their abandoned lunch from the boot of their car: 

Another had similar worries to Mhairi-Louise: "I put a pint of milk in the fridge in my truck the day before I got furloughed and I can't mind if I took it out, that was nearly 8 weeks ago now."

We’re sure many people will been having the same issues returning to work at level 2 - the office musk is going to be real on the first day back.