According to some tourist, New Zealander's are a bunch of prudes

News 25/04/2018

Are New Zealanders too prudish about public displays of affection? A European couple wants to know after being hassled here for being too affectionate.

Their question was posted on Reddit, and asked why Kiwis are against kissing and hand-holding in public.

"We were wondering why Kiwis seem to be so prude. Is it because a strong religious background or are the people here just konservative? [sic]" they ask, after several humiliating incidents.

The first time they were met with disapproval happened at a public bath.

"We were only sitting on each other and harmlessly kissing," they say.

Then a lifeguard came over and told them "in a rude way" to stop or leave because of the children.

"Yes there were children in the pool next to us but we were in the spa area in a hotpool," they complain.

But that wasn't their only encounter with New Zealand's moral standards.

"Second incident was in a bakery. For holding hands and one little kiss we were called out 'to be on our honeymoon or what' by the owner with a pushing undertone," they say.

"Third incident while we were sitting in our parked car kissing, again not eating each other or anything. This guy came up and walked past our car, then he screamed 'get a room!'"

Kiwis have attempted to explain our culture, saying we regard sex as a "private matter".

"The culture is basically consenting adults can do whatever they want in private but in public the general norm is no PDA (public displays of affection)," one person explained.

"You'll get weird looks if you make out while sober in a normal public setting," another said.

But some Kiwis called New Zealand out for being too emotional about the issue.

"Just start dry humping each other next time," one person advised.

"Too many of us Kiwis are acting like precious little babies complaining about anything it's pathetic."