All Black Brad Weber accepts George Breakfast's challenge to perform a 10 min DJ Hotset

George FM Breakfast 08/12/2020

Brad Weber = lad.

The All Blacks halfback is locked in quarantine after returning from Australia following the Tri Nations, and gave us a glimpse into what life is like being stuck in a hotel room alone for 14 days.

He posted a video his socials showing a day in the life of an AB in quarantine - where aside from eating and working out a lot, he's listening to the boys Lee Mvtthews, playing with a DJ controller and joking that becoming a DJ could be the plan for life after rugby.

Yep - Brad Weber is a breather with a controller, just like you.

George Breakfast got him on the blower to talk it over - and also toss up the idea of him doing a hotset on the radio.

You keen for that?