Amateur DJ duo want you to fund them touring the world

funny shit 22/03/2018

Because why work your way to the top?

An American disc jockey duo, LYTT (Amberly and Matt), have made a call to arms for all fans or supporters, to fund their world tour.

If you haven't heard of them, don't be alarmed because they are total amateurs in the EDM world. With hardly a following at all.

But rather than doing the mahi themselves, just like anyone else who's had success with this kind of thing, the pair decided to make their own Kickstarter crowd-funding page to get others to fund their next venture for them.

They want to raise $150,000 so they can go to Ibiza, Amsterdam, Berlin (at "Bargain"), Zurich, Rome, Florence, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami, São Paulo and Buenos Aires over the course of a year.


Risks and challenges they will face (on their Kickstarter page):

"LYTT has connections and can be booked in many places around the world. The problem they are facing is they need to build their following and grow more of a fan base to start pulling in big money."

But don't think your donations go unnoticed, because look what you can score if you help out!!!

For a mere $100 you 'Get a download card, a T-shirt, a sticker, and a signed photo!' (currently 0 backers). $500 gets you a 'Greeting Goodie Bag' (0 backers), which appears to just be the same as the $100 reward except you get a keychain and CD as well.


The pair have currently raised only $45 in their campaign, and it only has 10 days to go. Don't believe us? See here.