Bloke snapped using Tinder and texting about 'private cuddles' while driving

funny shit 18/03/2022

This geezer really got caught with his d**k in his hand.

A driver in the UK was snapped speeding and using his phone by police, but its what he was doing on his phone that separates him from your regular texter and driver. 

Earlier this week police in Surrey clocked a motorist over the speed limit, pulled him over and asked him to scroll through his recently used apps. 

They discovered that Tinder had recently been open, and a WhatsApp message where the fella asked for ‘private cuddles’ had been sent minutes earlier.

An image of the police report was shared on Surrey Police's Roads Unit's Twitter, with the report reading “I asked him to scroll across to recently used applications and saw that TINDER dating app was open and at 0959hrs and 1000hrs he had been exchanging WhatsApp messages with someone asking for ‘private cuddles’.” 

The driver was pinged for ‘distracted driving’, while Twitter users were calling for the police to use a different kind of force and tell the offender "they should never, ever use the phrase ‘private cuddles’ again.” 

Maybe Tinder need to look at introducing a feature that locks you out while you're driving - they're actually already making strides to improve security, with the app allowing users to run criminal background checks. Read more about that here and happy swiping - just don't do it while you're driving!