Cop faces discipline after raxing colleague's biscuits

funny shit 20/02/2018

A two-year feud over a missing tin of biscuits is finally coming to a crunch.

London Metropolitan constable Thomas Hooper is accused of stealing a medium-sized two-tier tin of biscuits from his colleague in May 2016.

Charles Apthorp, representing the Metropolitan Police, told a central London misconduct hearing it was a matter of principle.

"It is not the value of what was taken, it is what was done," he said.

"The officer was aware it belonged to someone else and the officer has taken it."

Mr Hooper was planning on sharing the biscuits and had offered to replace them.

Panel chairman Naheed Asjad questioned why the matter had escalated to a hearing.

"The option of going to the DPS [Directorate of Professional Standards] was because of the gravity of the incident," Sarah Blake, who was an inspector at the time, replied.

"In my mind, theft is theft. How was he going to put the biscuits back?"