Dude takes super strong pre-workout supplement at lunch, has meth-like experience at the office

funny shit 08/05/2018

Let's be honest - finding the motivation or the energy to drag your sorry ass to the gym is one of the biggest struggles in life.

Like why get out of this warm, cosy bed at the ungodly hour of 5:30am to go punish your poor muscles at the gym?  Or put yourself through a gruelling PT sesh after a long hard day at work?

Some of you might find it easy to do, but if you're a bit like like us, you need a little bit of external help to find that extra energy boost required. Enter pre-workout supplements.

As you know, these suckers help give you that little kick of energy to help you get through that gym class. And some pre-workout powders are stronger than others, like this Amazon user "Dino2925" discovered first-hand last year.

Dino took a pre-workout supplement called LIT, and if the name doesn't give it away - this shit is intense, and sent the supplement virgin on one hell of a bender.

Read his hilarious review he wrote of his LIT experience , and you'll be in stitches like we are.

Holy hecka. That a fry-up on the glass barbie or pre-workout powder? What a journey. Maybe we'll stick to the waters, thanks.

No surprises plenty of gym junkies froth on the shit.

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