Meme lovers come together for an Owen Wilson 'Wow' meet up

funny shit 28/02/2018

Yesterday in Melbourne, a congregation of dozens of fans came together to commemorate one of the best memes of our time - the Owen Wilson 'Wow'.

The Facebook group for this event was created a few months back by fan page Owen Wilson Wowposting and garnered a huge amount of interest as it began to go viral. Over 5,000 people clicked going to the event and 18,000 people clicked "interested". 

Although the IRL turn out at Federation Square was not as much as hoped, this didn't kinder the spirits of all the eager Owen Wilson lovers who had the afternoon off.

The event involved an opening "hype" speech from the organisers, some warm ups "wows", a big collaborative "wow" then some kickon "wows" to wrap it all up.

If you wish you were there and want to "wow" yourself, here's some clips from the event: