Kiwi dad advertises for someone to bully his son on Countdown customer service card

funny shit 20/03/2018

A fed up Kiwi dad has made a call to arms in the form of a Countdown customer service card, and it's the most CRACK UP thing you'll see today.

This kid must've really pissed off his dad, because he's asked someone, anyone, to knock out his kid for $100 cash.

Looking for a bully to fight my son! My boy's been a right little shit the last few weeks and I've had enough. I can't hit him but you can! $100 to anyone who will knock him out in front of everyone. Don't worry, he is Pakeha and a vegan.

Wonder if his son ended up gettting a hiding? We know plenty of punters who would do that for a hundred bucks.... 

EDIT: George FM have been informed this was a troll.