Police find Jordie Barrett cooked on a couch holding Maccas in the wrong flat in Dunnaz

funny shit 05/06/2018

All Black, Jordie Barrett, is under some serious heat this week after being found in a random Dunedin flat over the weekend after a big night on the piss with the boys.

After the Hurricanes lost to the Highlanders in Dunedin over the weekend, the players obviously went out for a doozy afterward.

Following a 4:30am Maccas run, Barrett found himself having the cops called on him after the flat lounge he stumbled into at the early hour, tunred out to be a strangers.

The girls who live in the dwelling, called the Police after hearing unsuspecting noises in their lounge.

Barrett has addressed the media, saying that despite havin' a few beersies with the lads, he was completely coherrent and that entering the flat was a genuine mistake.

We walked into the house thinking it was Sam's mates, a few minutes later the penny dropped - he realised it wasn't his mate's house, we left and then the cops came.

We're callin BS! But what an unreal story.