Rotorua Bottle-O store owner armed with nunchucks chases thief until his pants come down

funny shit 09/03/2022

This absolute legend took matters into his own hands and chased down a thief until his pants came down at his Rotorua Bottle-O store.

When a customer grabbed the box from the counter and ran out of the store, Charanjit Dhillon, the store's owner, grabbed a pair of nunchucks, jumped over the counter and chased him down the street. 

A TikTok of the incident was posted below but we have to warn ya, it does contain strong language (nothing you're not used to). 

The former Bollywood movie choreographer, who is also a kickboxer and regular runner of up to 20km, told NZ Herald he was yelling at the thief "run, how far can you run?".

The thief only got 100 metres down the road when he fell and Dhillon yelled "come on, get up" and when he did, his pants fell down. 

Rotorua Bottle-O owner Charanjit Dhillon

Dhillon said "I could see his bum, everyone was standing around laughing and he was crying like a baby."

Dhillon told the thief he would let him go, so he left the box of 51 barrel bourbon and cola's that he had stolen behind. 

51 year old Dhillon walked back to the store, put the box back and made his way to serve a customer.

An absolute weapon to say the least.