Sacha Baron Cohen takes the piss of EDM culture in latest 'Who Is America' episode

funny shit 14/08/2018

No one comes out of a Sacha Baron Cohen show looking good.

Sacha Baron Cohen has trolls EDM culture in the latest episode of his new politically charged Showtime series, Who Is America.

Cohen plays Ricky Sherman (aka DJ Solitary), a ball bag looking ex-convict who is trying to take his experience from prison and turn it into art.

Using samples he recorded during his time behind bars, Sherman created an EDM track out of sounds he recorded himself: a head being cracked by a metal tray, vomit, piss, “buggery,” and a stabbing.

Sorry mate I'm gonna stab you, it's for the song. It's a tragedy when somone gets stabbed, but the good thing is I was there to record it.

(Perhaps actually doing the stabbing in order to make the song would have been a bridge too far, but we’ll never know.)

Inphamous, a nightclub promoter and DJ manager, loves all the “realness,” remarking that “the scene really needs stuff like that” and that Sherman’s ridiculous track is “a masterpiece, man.”

(With a name Jake Inphamous, you’re kind of asking to have the piss taken out of ya.)

Other than that, he’s just kind of gross, proclaiming with a glimmer in his eye that “DJs love BJs.”

Check out the segment below: