Say hey to the Internet's latest dumb viral trend: Snorting condoms

funny shit 03/04/2018


The Internet has had its fair share of ridiculous "challenges"; ones like the dangerous Tide Pod challenge, or even something as seemingly harmless as the Cinnamon challenge. 

Well if internal bleeding from Tide Pods wasn't thrilling enough for you, there's a new challenge that has the potential to be fatal. The Condom Challenge is a challenge in which a punter snorts a condom through their nose, to pull it through the mouth.

Mmmm, "fun".

Experts have warned that this an easy way to choke, and although the chances are very low, there is a potential you could trigger a coughing fit that could be fatal.

Either way, if you do get that bad boy stuck, that's a pretty embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

Again, please don't try this at home.