Stephen Colbert hilariously mocks KFC boot bandits!

funny shit 29/09/2021

The boot full KFC haul has made headlines worldwide and even Stephen Colbert had a few hilarious words to say about it.

The Late Show host, who has a known love for Aotearoa, included the news of the "car boot-full of KFC" during his monologue, pointing it out as an example of "what counts as illicit" in New Zealand.

Colbert starts by saying "Meanwhile, Auckland, New Zealand is currently under lockdown with fast food restaurants closed and yet New Zealand cops have arrested men 'entering the locked-down city with large amounts of illicit KFC'."

"Oh, New Zealand. That's what counts as illicit for you? In America, we've got meth-heads getting busted for cooking Viagra bath salts, the most terrifying boner you'll never escape."

What he was most shocked about was the facts that the bandits tried to smuggle in 10 tubs of coleslaw! 

"Apparently, these Kentucky Fried Bandits were attempting to smuggle in three buckets of chicken, a big stash of fries and 10 tubs of coleslaw. Ten tubs of coleslaw? Arrest them for that! Who looks at mac & cheese and mashed potatoes and says 'You know what I could go for? Wet cabbage'," he said.

We won’t lie, we were pretty disappointed with that decision too!