Five things to do while you still don't have any f*cking power

tips 13/04/2018

In this technological age, we rely very much on our electronic devices and the fact that their charged. But oh no! We had a storm! And now half of us fuckers don't have any power. 

Most millenials are pulling their hair out.

What the fuck do I do with no power?! That means no wifi, no Instagram, no snapchat?!

It's a national crisis. But hey, George FM are to help you out. We've got 5 things you can do to avoid being depressed during this power outage:

  1. Go for a walk; and no, not just so you can take a scenic gram. Take in the scenery, smell the grass, and enjoy yourself. You might actually like it!
  2. Go visit your mum. It's been a while and Susan is probably hanging out to see you, just don't tell her it's because you want to use her fibre.
  3. Have a wank. Because well, why not?
  4. Just go to Maccas. That place never closes. It's an oasis of generators and free wifi. Plus you can get a Chicken McCheese while you're there!
  5. Go read a book! So you can ya know.... Oh fuck who are we kidding just find a mate with power and stay there till it's back on.

We can't help you. We want our power back too.

We tried.