The 'Blinking Man' meme just won best GIF of the year

funny shit 18/04/2018

If you didn't already know, every year the Shorty Awards are held, an award ceremony for all things social media.

In this years Shorty Awards many memes fought it out to win the best of the year but one memorable three second frame has come out on top.

Known as the "Blinking White Man", the GIF of a, believe it or not, blinking white guy, has won the title of best GIF of the year (2017-2018).

This GIF has been used EVERYWHERE within the Internet world and meme culture.

The original tweet made that made this GIF so popular; spoke about most reactions in biology class...

Since then, it has obviously blown up and become an easy and versatile reaction GIF for any situation.

Let's reminisce at some of the best uses: