There's currently a global shortage on large-size condoms because you've all got massive wangs

funny shit 07/04/2018


A global shortage in Durex condoms due to increased demand is forcing medical professionals to ration out prescriptions. 

The shortage only affects two brands - Durex Confidence 56mm condoms and Gold Knight Larger - which are available by prescription by Pharmac in New Zealand. 

Pharmac's deputy medical director Bryan Betty says Durex condoms would temporarily no longer be supplied to New Zealand but other condoms in varying sizes are still available, he wrote in a letter, Stuff reports. 

"To meet the increased demand they are manufacturing extra product which is expected to arrive in May. They are also manufacturing additional quantities of Shield Blue (53mm)," he wrote. 

Pharmacies have been instructed not to specify a condom brand and to only distribute 72 condoms in six boxes of 12 instead of the usual 144 condoms in 12 boxes.