This cheeky kid drew a picture of her mum on her best form, hungover AF

funny shit 04/04/2018

Careful what your little menace sees after a big night out because you could be in for some humiliation next time they draw a picture of you for school.

But the experience of Scottish mother Margaret Stevenson was a little more artistic.

When attending a parents' evening last Thursday, Mrs Stevenson was looking through her daughter's schoolwork when husband Scott noticed an unusual piece of artwork, the Daily Record reported. 

Ms Stevenson was horrified to discover her seven-year-old daughter, Lucie, had drawn a picture depicting her lying in bed next to a bucket.

"On Sunday my mummy got sick. She [had] horrible juices to drink and she needs to rest," Lucie wrote beside the drawing. 

Mrs Stevenson told the Daily Record she was mortified.

"Kids are truthful and they just say what they think. It is funny what they take in. I thought it was ingenious to include the sick bucket.

Scott just couldn't stop laughing. He thought it was hilarious. We are still laughing about it now. We have shown the drawing to our friends and family and everybody loves it.

Lucie had very clearly observed the morning after her pharmacy technician mother had returned from a girls' night out. 

"I remember she was laughing about it at the time but she was quite concerned that something was wrong. She doesn't know about drinking and hangovers," Ms Stevenson said. 

"I had been drinking Prosecco. It was lethal. I can no longer drink it because of that night. I don't drink very often. It was a particularly bad hangover. I stayed in bed all day."