This crayfish chopped off his own claw to escape being cooked alive and it's so heavy metal

funny shit 06/06/2018

A crayfish has been filmed pulling its own claw off in an attempt to avoid becoming part of a Chinese hotpot dinner.

Weibo user Jiuke posted a video of the incident on the popular Chinese social media platform, the BBC reports.

The footage shows the crayfish standing over a boiling pot of soup filled with others of its kind. The determined crustacean has most of its body out of the pot as the video starts, but one claw remains stuck.

After a few more failed attempts to pull the claw out of the pot, the crayfish gives up and uses its free pincer to snip the other off.

It then quickly scuttled away.

Crayfish can regrow lost limbs over time, but it can take several sheds of its skin before the limb returns and if it's older, the limb may never reach full size again.

The crayfish in the video may not have to be concerned about growing the limb back, however. Jiuke liked the look of it and took it home as a pet.

It's not know what the pet cray has been named, but it's now living in an aquarium and in no danger of ever ending up in a hot pot again.