This kid just broke the world record for clapping a f*ck load

funny shit 23/03/2018

A nine-year-old US boy has broken the record for the most amount of claps in one minute.

Seven Wade clapped a whopping 1080 times to beat the previous record of 1020.

The boy from Florida said he achieved his technique by studying the previous record holder Eli Bishop on YouTube.

Father Chikako Wade told Guinness World Records that his son was so driven to break the record he would regularly burst into random bouts of clapping at every moment he could.

"Eventually we told him that if he really wanted us to take him seriously about making an official world record attempt, he would have to prove it by setting up a daily practice schedule where he would speed clap in longer intervals than his usual 15-20 seconds," Mr Wade said.

Seven began rehearsing daily by timing himself against the microwave.

He gradually built his routine up to three times a day and would often have to take days off due to the blisters he'd develop, Guiness World Records said.

Mr Wade says if other kids want to break a record they too should pick something rare and uncommon and "be ready to practice... a lot!"