This legend manages to shotgun 13 beers while running a half marathon

funny shit 09/04/2018

Exercise is hard enough sober, let alone when you're half cut.

Well this munter, Emmet Farnan, took it upon himself to have a beersie for every mile he did while completing his half marathon. We can't figure out whether this is the dumbest or most spectacular thing ever.

For those of you who don't know, there's about 13 miles in a half marathon, so Emmet had to shotgun 13 beers in his entire journey.

He documented the entire feat so we could all marvel in its glory. And he managed to complete the whole thing in an hour and forty-three minutes. 

Although, it seems like a dumb idea, it almost seems kinda heroic.

He predicted he'd probably only last till mile seven or eight.. but somehow managed to complete it regardless.