This road worker makes his job a little less shit, busts a move on the street

funny shit 28/04/2018

A Wellington road worker found a creative way to end the week - dancing up a storm on the side of the road.

Ajay Utopo-Vaalepu posted a video to his Facebook page of his workmate Toni Finau having a groove in his high-visibility jacket last Friday.

Mr Utopo-Vaalepu and fellow road worker Cassius Akavi filmed their enthusiastic colleague from the truck while they enjoyed the performance.

Since then, it's been viewed more than 14,000 times.

"We were just killing time to pack up our job after a long week," Mr Utopo-Vaalepu told Newshub.

He says they happened to play the 'Lazy Siren Song' by Joewana Reggae, a song that inspired an online dance challenge earlier this year.

"[We] thought why not get Toni to show us some of his special moves to kill time."

The amusing video has received positive reactions from Kiwis.

"This is awesome!" wrote one person, while another cheekily commented that someone should "take their drunk uncle home".

"It's not all about being serious at work," one appreciative viewer wrote.

"Gotta have a bit of fun."