TikTok Teacher goes viral for playing tech-house to students every morning

funny shit 27/04/2022

Take notes teachers…

The Techhouse Teacher has gone viral on Tiktok after playing tech-house tunes to his students each morning.

Jake Shoredrive, a teacher from Chicago posted a video that now has over 3 million views. A student wrote him a letter asking him to keep it up as it makes the students ready for the day.

“Dear Mr. P can you please keep playing house music when we come into school in the morning? It makes me happy and ready for the day.”

The viral Tiktok ends with the school's gym becoming a nightclub complete with music and lasers.  I'd pick this over a school disco anyday!

It’s really cool to see a teacher share his passion for house music with his students. When Shoredrive isn’t teaching he’s busy DJing and producing. A man who really does it all!

Check out his video down below.