WATCH: Bear interrupts DJ while he's livestreaming at home

funny shit 09/02/2021

A North Carolina DJ was livestreaming a set from home over the weekend, when a big ass bear decided to pay him a visit.

DJ Jody Flemming was just getting started with his first track when he heard his neighbors beeping their horn. He initially thought they were trying to tell him to turn the music down, but soon realised what was going on.

I couldn't really see it was a bear until I got right to the door and I was like oh, geez, that's a bear right there.

Thankfully it wasn't a grizzly bear, but an eastern black bear which are apparently the least harmful bears in the states. Still pretttttty scary.

The video racked up 20,000 views in 24 hours, check it out below.

(The video is owned by Caters News.)