Revolve dubbed new Fyre Festival after 'pushing, shoving' and influencers fainting

Ticket holders didn’t even make it to the festival, despite paying up to $2000 a pop to attend.


WATCH: Will Smith hits Chris Rock at the Oscars after Jada Pinkett-Smith joke

Woweee there's a bit to unpack here.


The Government has announced a drop in fuel taxes from midnight tonight

Put away the running shoes, fuel prices are about to decrease!


Elon Musk and Grimes quietly welcome new baby, with a bizarre name of course

In true Musk/Grimes style, the baby has a bizarre name.


LimeWire is officially making a return and my virus protection's already sweating

Two Austrian entrepreneurs have bought the rights to LimeWire.


The Prodigy's touching tribute on third anniversary of Keith Flint's death

“Your Fire will never go out. Stay Punk brother. We live forever!"


Diplo admits that making fun of Taylor Swift came back to hurt him in the end

Diplo admitted he was an "unabashedly crazy person" online.


19-year-old student has limbs amputated after eating his mates leftovers



Pet owners warned by South Korean authorities after 107 cat-related house fires

You’ve got to be kitten me...


UPDATE: Hidden Valley has been postponed

See you in January 2022!


Elton John says he wakes up every morning with dance music

Elton John loves a bit of dance music!


Rhythm & Vines organiser gives an update on this years festival

"We continue to look at things with a positive mindset and want to thank you for your patience while we work through the scenarios"


Vid of people complaining about seatbelts in 1980 is what anti-vaxxers sound like now

Sound familiar?


Rhythm & Vaxxed: Former PM John Key Suggests Mandatory Vaccine Passports At Festivals


Netflix's Tiger King: Season 2 is dropping later this year

Joe Exotic is making a comeback.


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