NZers paying the most for MDMA, cocaine and LSD in the world

Sorry to be bad news bears.


KFC workers to start three-day strike over the weekend

It's gonna be a tough weekend.


WATCH: The first trailer for 'IT: Chapter Two' is here to ruin your day

Don't feel like sleeping tonight? 🎈🤡


Study finds 73% of independent musicians suffer from mental illness

This is not all good.


A vote to decriminalise Magic Mushrooms just passed in the US

Denver just got a lot more magical.


Elderly Aussie couple sign for 20kg of meth delivered to their house

Australia, you've done it again.


Tinder are introducing a new feature for festival hook ups

Tinder is launching a new feature today allowing its users to add a badge to their profile that advertises the music festies they'll be attending.


Police reveal just how much MDMA Kiwis get through every week

Christchurch, we're looking at you.


Health officials respond after reports of Coachella herpes spike

Coachella had been linked with a 2038% increase in reported herpes cases in Southern California.


Terrifying new horror series 'Chambers' coming to Netflix today

This looks creepy AF.


Jon Snow to GOT critics: Go f*ck yourselves

GOT star Kit Harrington has opened up about responding to critics of the show.


KFC reveal how to order items from their 'secret menu'

Fancy spicing up you K-Fry order?


WATCH: Israel Adesanya becomes New Zealand's first UFC champion

How good!


Conor McGregor has challenged Mark Wahlberg to a fight

Who are you picking if this fight happens?


Aussie hero Egg Boy can pretty much go to any gig he wants after egging Fraser Anning

Egg Boy has earned the respect of some major artists and athletes.


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