'Ask for Angela', the campaign that'll get you out of a niggly situation next time you're out

News 12/12/2018

In light of recent events and in a bid to make women or other individuals who may feel vulnerable at times, feel safe when they're going out, a campaign which first started in the UK, is making its way to our shores.

It's called 'Ask for Angela', a signal which you give bar staff or security whenever you feel you're in an uncomfortable situation.

The idea is that when/if you're in a situation where you either want to leave, want someone to be asked to leave or otherwise, you simply approach any of the staff in the bar whether that's a bartender, security guard, or even the DJ and say "is Angela here?" and you will be looked after promptly.

Many have been praising the intiative for its subtlety, being maybe the best way to difuse an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe situation for all individuals involved. 

We hope more NZ bars start adopting the initiative to provide a much safer place for kiwis no matter where you are.



If you are anyone you know has been sexually harrassed or assaulted please call :

Police - 111 


HELPline  - 09 623 1700