'Get Out' actor Daniel Kaluuya shuts down interviewer's very ignorant question

News 05/03/2018

Actor Daniel Kaluuya has caught out a reporter at today's Oscar's after being asked a very ingonorant question in reference to his film 'Get Out'.

The horror film 'Get Out' played on many controversial themes within the real world; especially the racial divide between black and white people in society.

Director Jordan Peele took a particularly comedic turn on the issue, and the film has been given a world of praise from many critics as not only is it well-written but it's woke AF.

In the interview on the Oscar's red carpet, the interviewer told Daniel 'Get Out' has "ticked a lot of boxes"... Here's his repsonse:

Heaps of people came to his support as well.

Daniel has been nominated for Best Lead Actor for his role in 'Get Out' which is also up for Best Picture.