Netflix's warning about Ted Bundy doco has got people shitting themselves

Netflix 25/01/2019

Netflix has just dropped a brand new documentary on notorious serial killer Ted Bundy called Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and the inner investigator in all of us is fizzing at the bung.

Although everyone is pumped AF, Netflix has thrown a little spanner in the works that might make you think twice about watching it... (alone especially)

The documentary, which is based around the unheard audio recordings of the convicted killer and testimonials of women who knew him, will apparently have you second guessing all sorts. It was released on the 30th anniversary of his execution.

So, if you're keen to watch it, make sure it's with one of your crime-doco-loving mates and not on your own... Just so you can actually get to sleep at night.