The 'airline for millennials' will shut down after one year because new CEO doesn't understand millennials

News 24/01/2019


Air France's much hyped 'airline for the millennials,' Joon, will close just a year after its launch.

Apparently the new CEO of Air France, Ben Smith (not the All Black), believed the millennial identity was just too complex and complicated.

A quick Google search reveals old mate Ben is 47 years old - so of course he'd struggle trying to understand millennials and relating to the younger generation.

He has made clear he doesn't understand the positioning or identity of Joon. It's a question he's raised internally, several times," said the source.

Another source from within the airline is reported as saying even staff didn't understand its branding.

"When Ben Smith got here, he said to us, 'What is this Joon thing?'"

At launch, Joon was likened to a rooftop bar and described as 'chic'. Its cabin crew wore slim line trousers, Le Coq Sportif white sneakers, and sailor striped jackets, made of 60 percent recycled materials.

Let's be honest - it reeks of a bunch of corporates trying to fit in and be cool with people decades younger than them.

Joon also called itself a movie theatre in the sky, a laboratory of new services, an entertainment channel and a personal assistant. An identity crisis that ultimately became its downfall.

Air France set up the airline to compete with other low cost carriers in Europe such as Eurowings and Norwegian, but it ended up eating into Air France's share of the market, weakening the premium brand.

All of Joon's employee's will be offered jobs at Air France, but won't be wearing their Le Coq Sportif white sneakers if they accept it.


h/t: Newshub.