There was a Spongebob and Travis Scott mash up at the Superbowl and it was so out the gate

music news 04/02/2019

The biggest televised sporting event of the year is upon us and although many of us are gunning to watch the showdown between two very prestigous American Football teams, a lot of us are here to see all the stops they pull out in the halftime show.

This year's performers, Maroon 5, alongside rapper Big Boi and Travis Scott were set to blow everyone away, but there was one moment of the entire performance that caught everyone off guard.

In recent weeks a petition was started in the US to get a tribute of the kids show Spongebob Squarepants song 'Sweet Victory' within their performance and it garnered over 100,000 signatures. 

So, you know what they did? They listened to the people, and paid homage to Spongebob of course, and mashed it into the intro of Travis Scott's opening track. That's right, Sweet Victory was mashed into SICKO MODE...

Did they just make that COOL?!?!

Don't believe us? Chck it out below: