This woman calling out creepy mechanic will give you faith in humanity again

News 25/01/2019

A woman has turned a creepy text from her mechanic into a "teachable moment".

The exchange between the woman and the man who changed her oil has gone viral on Twitter, after the woman's sister posted it.

Inexplicably, the mechanic decided to text a woman he had met once and tell her she was "gorgeous".

"Who is this?" replies the woman.

The mechanic decides to dig himself deeper into what is already an uncomfortable moment before replying: "Your favourite oil change guy."

Once the woman has confirmed who he is, she proceeds to absolutely school him on how unacceptable his behaviour is.

"So, I feel like this is a teachable moment for you," she writes. "While I know you were wanting to give a compliment, it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited."

She goes on to spell out to him that she is a customer, and he is supposed to be a professional.

"There should be no communication between us outside of that unless I, the customer, express interest," she explains.

"I am married, we discussed this when talking about my car maintenance, so it can be assumed that I am not interested in any compliments/advances from you."

She continues to tell him the lows to which his behaviour has stooped.

"You went back into my file and got my number... It is a violation of my privacy for you to contact me from your personal phone with information that you got without my permission.

"And now I know that you are the type of person to go back in someone's personal file, what is to keep you from going back and getting my address?

"There are men who rape and murder women by getting their information this way."

She then says she has the choice to go to another company, but she would rather not because she has been frequenting the business for several years.

Or, she said, she could contact HR and complain - but "generally, I am not in the business of ruining someone's livelihood over something as simple as this".

"But it's very important to me that you understand why it is completely inappropriate for you to contact me?"

After the blistering barrage of texts, the mechanic replies 

"Sorry about that yes ma'am."

And with that, the woman puts the final nail in the coffin, letting him know that actually, he's not even in her top five favourite oil change guys.