Some guy got really high and found a live tiger in an abandoned house in Texas

WTF 13/02/2019

In an interesting turn of events after a cheeky drug binge (not highly recommended), a guy in Houston, Texas, found himself in quite the predicament.

He ventured into an abondoned house after smoking a bunch of weed, and ended up stumbling on something unbelievable. He found an obese tiger, living inside a cage at the house.

The guy obviously didn't regster that what he was seeing was real. he honestly believed he was hallucinating, AKA ABSOLUTELY TRIPPING BALLS.

Upon closer inspection, he realised the tiger was a reality, and called the police to sort out the whole unlikely situation. The beast was then removed from the premises and taken to an animal shelter.

What everyone is wondering though... Is how the f**k did a tiger end up in an abandoned house? And how was it so obese?!

I guess we'll never know...