Armageddon Expo bans military costumes after Christchurch attacks

News 19/03/2019

New Zealand-based pop culture convention Armageddon have switched their stance towards certain costumes as a result of the Christchurch attacks.

Many attendees traditionally dress up for the event, often as their favourite characters from their favourite TV shows, movies, video games or comic books, with a cosplay contest taking place annually.

Armageddon Expo last night detailed changes to their rules around wearing military dress and imitation firearms.

'In light of the recent terrorist attack in Christchurch this past week. We have decided to make some updates to our event cosplay and props/weapons policy," the update issued on Facebook reads. 'For all events moving forward real life and imitation military clothing of any kind will not be permitted under any circumstances.'

The rule changes mean that fans won't be allowed entry if they're dressed as characters in military dress from the likes of Call of Duty or Captain America.