John Oliver praises New Zealand's response to Christchurch attacks

News 19/03/2019

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has praised New Zealand's response to Friday's Christchurch terror attack on his show.

The British talk show host said New Zealand has "been showing its strength in how it's been responding" to the attack, and added that the attack was "a total affront to the basic values of the people of New Zealand."

"New Zealand is an incredible place and I know we make fun of it on this show all the time," he said. "Honestly, there is nothing I like more than making fun of New Zealand, but part of that may be that controversies over there tend to get handled with calm and good cheer."

Oliver has a history of making fun of New Zealand, in particular the infamous flag referendum.

"How can you not a love a country that has a contest to design a new flag for itself and someone submits a kiwi bird with lasers coming out its eyes?," he said.

He also offered his take on controversial Australian Senator Fraser Anning's comments after the attack, calling Anning's view perpaps "the worst possible response to what happened".

Anning was egged by Australian teen Will Connolly in response to his remarks regarding the attack.

"The real cause of Fraser Anning getting hit with an egg is Fraser Anning saying things that prompt people to throw eggs at him," Oliver said. "He may be the victim today, but usually he's a huge f*****g a**hole."