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This honest Westie job application will make your day

funny shit 13/03/2019

They say honesty is the best policy!

However, we're not sure how that worked out for one unemployed punter searching for work.

Bruce left an ad for his services on the community noticeboard at Countdown on West Auckland's Lincoln Rd, and it has since done the rounds on social media. If you give it a read you'll understand why.

'Any jobs out there?' our desperate hero wrote. 'Il do anything hard worker'.


So far, so good. Our man Bruce is just a hard worker looking for a bit of mahi. The kicker is in the brackets.

Bruce continued 'Can't pass a drug test, but under the table be good.'

That might be a dealbreaker for some, but you can't fault the man for his honesty. We hope Bruce finds some work soon!