American Horror Story have teased Season 9 and they are going retro

TV Shows 11/04/2019

Everyone's favourite horror show is back.

A new season of creepy anthology American Horror Story will be hitting our screens once again, this time with a retro feel.

The ninth season is titled American Horror Story: 1984, creator Ryan Murphy confirmed today.

Murphy also posted a short trailer on Instagram featuring a young woman in the woods running from a cloaked man.

From the snippet it looks like the new season will mirror a similar style to the slasher films made popular during the 1980s, with horror classics Nightmare on Elm Street and an instalment of the Friday the 13th series first hitting screens in 1984 - the show's titular year.

The only bad news for AHS fans is that season nine will be the show's first without fan favourite Evan Peters, who announced last week that he would not be appearing in AHS: 1984.

Season eight, Apocalypse, ran from September to November last year, so keep an eye out for release dates for the new season!