Elderly Aussie couple sign for 20kg of meth delivered to their house

News 03/05/2019

An elderly Aussie couple mistakenly received a massive delivery of meth after it was delivered to their home.

The parcel contained 20kg of meth worth just over NZ$10M.

The couple called police after signing for the package and realising it was full of bags of white powder.

"They were unsure, they asked each other if they ordered anything," Detective Acting Senior Sargent Matthew Kershaw told 9 News.

"When you think about it, $10 million worth of drugs sent to the wrong address, that's quite incredible to comprehend that someone could be that sloppy," he continued.

Maybe the intended recipient planned to intercept the package somehow, or planned on swinging by nanny and koro to pick it up later?

"The occupants of the premises are obviously quite elderly, so they're unsure of the significance of the find," Kershaw said.

Either way, the couple were assured that they hadn't done anything wrong. It's obviously not every day that 20kg of meth pops up on your doorstep!