Reddit debate of the century: sausie rolls vs. pies

News 31/05/2019

A Reddit user has taken it upon themselves to announce their 'unpopular opinion' that sausage rolls are better than pies, and people were RILED THE F UP.

People feel super pationately about their pastry coated bakery goods apparently, with the post getting over 1.4K comments over the last two days. 

"How in the heck did this get marked non political" one user very rightly pointed out. This is a political debate if we've ever seen one: The flaky sausie roll vs. the humble mince and cheese pie (or whatever flavour you're into).

"A good sausage roll is better than a pie, but a bad sausage roll is awful. Gimme my not so healthy breakfast of a sausage roll and choccy milk," pointed out LordWalderFrey1, noting that quality is very much an important part of the ranking system. 

While the debate got a little heated in some comments, one user pulled the Old El Paso card:

"I think they compliment each other perfectly. A pie then a sausage roll, or a sausage roll then a pie. All washed down with an Iced Coffee or Choc Milk. If you're not that hungry I'd probably just go a sausage roll though. Pie's seem more of a meal than a snack," reasoned FreakySpook. 

We think they both have their place, but maybe sit slightly on the pie side... thoughts?