Uber introduce 'scUber' in Aussie - the world's first submarine taxi

News 24/05/2019

Uber have come completely out of leftfield, introducing the world's first rideshare submarine. Not something we ever thought we needed, but it looks pretty bloody sick.

Uber have teamed up with Queensland, Australia to bring you Ubers that will bring you on a submarine ride around the Great Barrier Reef. But if you want to get amongst this once-in-a-lifetime experience you'll have to be quick - it's only available from 27th May to 18th June. 

Why are they doing it? Well it's all about protecting the reef, which is the world's largest ecosystem. Uber will be donating $100,000 AUD to Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef to help support their Reef conservation programs, and they'll also be donating the equivalent value of every scUber ride to the organisation. 

"scUber is a new way to have a completely immersive underwater experience in the home of 3,000 individual reefs, 900 islands and over 1,500 species of fish," reads the website. Sounds pretty cool to us. 

If you happen to be in Queensland during the promo time, you'll be able to order a scUber experience directly through the Uber app. For those of us that can't get over there though, there's still a chance to experience it - they're running a worldwide competition to win a ride. 

Check out all the info here.