Anti-drug Brazilian President's team caught with 39kg of cocaine

funny shit 28/06/2019

The new Brazilian President  Jair Bolsonaro has been making waves worldwide (Hint: not good ones) for his extremist right-wing views, in particular his zero-tolerance policy on the country's drug trade. 

Old mate might need to stop throwing stones though, 'cause a member of his official military crew has just been arrested this week en route to the G20 summit in Japan. Why? He was found carrying 39kg of coke. Amazing. 

The Brazilian Air Force officer, who was accompanying Bolsonaro to the summit, was detained during a stopover in Seville, Spain. When questioned he tried to claim the coke was cheese. Worth a shot we guess. 

"The serviceman was found to have cocaine in his hand baggage that weighed a total of 39kg. He was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and is currently in custody at our Seville headquarters waiting to appear before a judge," a spokesperson said. 

In a statement, Mr Bolsonaro said: “I immediately ordered the defence minister to cooperate with Spanish police to establish the facts and cooperate with every stage of the investigation, and to launch an investigation by the military police,"

"There are around 300,000 men and women in the armed forces who are trained to uphold the highest principles of ethics and morality. If the airman is found to have committed a crime, he will be tried and convicted according to the law."

This comes after him saying over the last couple of months things like "the only good criminal is a dead criminal". Yikes. 

Naturally the internet is pretty stoked with this massive f*** up: