Dusty workers are costing NZ businesses more than $1.65 billion a year

News 07/06/2019

There's nothing better than a school night sesh - until you have to drag yourself into work the next morning, bleary-eyed and hating yourself. 

Apparently we aren't just costing ourselves a very rough day though, we're also collectively costing NZ businesses over $1.6 BILLION a year according to new research. Yikes. 

Down at Otago Uni, they carried out a survey of 800 employees and 227 employers to estimate how much lost productivity was costing due to the sesh. 

The findings were that employees calling in sick or coming into work feeling a little dusty cost an average of $1100 in lost productivity per employee, per year. That's a lot of dough when added up. 

The study was published in the Drug and Alcohol Review this week, looking across a wide range of industries including banking/finance, education, health care, IT, public/local government, retail and hospitality - so don't think you're not part of the problem. 

6% of employees reported taking a day off from work because of drinking in the past three months, and 11.5% reported reduced productivity in the last week thanks to the sesh. And wholesomely, 1/4 people said they'd covered for hungover colleagues in the past three months. 

The total cost was calculated from:
1. The cost of time taken off work after drinking
2. Productive time lost due to alcohol use
3. The cost to an employer in dealing with alcohol related matters

People showing up to work hungover accounted for 80% of the cost, four times the cost of those who stayed home. We're not sure if this is encouragement for us to just take the day off instead of battling through from now on?

The demographics linked with lower performance at work after drinking were being male, under 25, having a 'stressful' job and binge drinking. It's not sounding good lads. Ethnicity, income or industry weren't major factors. 

Feeling a bit guilty? Maybe leave the seshing to the weekends from now on... or not. We're not your mum.