E-cigarettes sales are being shut down in the US

News 26/06/2019

Vape naysh might be temporarily placed on hold in a major US city

San Francisco is set to become the first US city to effectively ban the sale of e-cigarettes after the city’s board of supervisors unanimously voted in favor of an ordinance earlier this week.

CNN report “the ordinance says ‘no person shall sell or distribute an electronic cigarette to a person in San Francisco’ unless that product has undergone premarket review by the US Food and Drug Administration. To date, none have.”

While the use of e-cigarettes hasn't been banned, if you aren't able to get hold of one you might be in a tough situation.

The ordinance is aimed at steering young people away from developing nicotine addictions at an early age, and City Attorney Dennis Herrera says the move is a “decisive step” toward that goal.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed has also expressed her support.

San Francisco is currently the home of Juul Labs, one of the largest vape companies in the US.

Juul spokesman Ted Kwong said “This full prohibition will drive former adult smokers who successfully switched to vapor products back to deadly cigarettes, deny the opportunity to switch for current adult smokers, and create a thriving black market instead of addressing the actual causes of underage access and use.”

Kwong also said Juul are in favour of “new strict regulation and enforcement, instead of prohibition.”

It's unclear whether other cities in the US will follow suit.