How old is 'too old' to party, according to punters

News 21/06/2019

Any lifetime frother hits a point when they start to worry if they're too old to party. It becomes a creeping fear, but thankfully most people think there's nothing to worry about.

A new study of 1,000 punters, carried out by TickPick, tried to get to the bottom of the question: "how old is too old?". As it turns out, 65% of those think you're never too old to let loose.

When it comes to multi-day festies, 72% of people thought you're never too old to attend - good news for all you lifetime RNV attenders. 

In terms of raves and night clubs, people were a little bit more weary, with 45% and 42% respectively thinking you're never too old. 

Overall, it seems you can party at any age you like, and who cares what other people think anyway? If you want to party, party. Life's too short.

Check out all the stats below: