New documentary 'Killer Ratings' called Netflix's best

Netflix 10/06/2019

We're always on the hunt for something new to binge, and after tearing through HBO's Chernobyl - the new highest rated show on IMDB -  we may have found the next big thing.

New documentary Killer Ratings details Brazilian TV host Wallace Souza who was accused of having locals murdered to later feature on his show in order to net higher ratings.

The seven-part true crime series has been called 'completely fascinating, horrifying and insane.'

It's alleged that Souza's programme Canal Livre featured set-up crimes that his show could pretend to 'solve'.

Canal Livre's crew were often at murder scenes before police raising suspicion.

The series dropped on Netflix late last month and has been met with rave reviews on social media. Check out some of the reaction below and catch the trailer above!