New dubstep nursery rhymes will help repel mosquitoes, thanks to Skrillex research

News 21/06/2019

Earlier this year, a study found that low frequency music, such as dubstep, disrupted normal mosquito behaviours like feeding and mating. The research went viral because it specifically used the iconic Skrillex EP 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites' to study mosquitoes reactions. 

While listening to Skrill, the mossies attacked less often, and got down and dirty less often. So the complete opposite of humans really.

Thanks to the research findings, a pharmacy in Sweden have now jumped on board with the theory. Apotek Hjärta (the pharmacy) have put out a playlist of remixed nursery rhymes in the hope they'll repel mossies. 

Apotek Hjärta hired dance producers Kloudmen to reimagine six nursery rhymes in a dubstep fashion, using intense frequencies throughout the tracks to confuse the mosquitoes. You'll recognise the melodies, but the tracks are all in Swedish obviously, so you probably won't be able to understand them - but they're definitely worth a listen regardless. They are bizarre in the best way.

Check out the full album below: